Wei Shaojun: Be Keenly Aware of Industrial Situation

www.ijjnews.com2016-07-17 16:45

www.ijjnews.com July 17 On the International Integrated Circuit Industry Development Summit Forum yesterday, Wei Shaojun, Director of Micro-nano Electronics Faculty of Tsinghua University and President of Microelectronics Institute, said in his speech in the closing ceremony that we need to be keenly aware of the domestic and oversea environment and determine to development semiconductor DRAM to predict the future of integrated circuit industry.

In the field of chip, we rely on imported goods a lot that most of integrated circuit consumption in mainland is imported, including medium and low level of chips. "As such, we must master enough knowledge about the long-term and difficult development of integrated circuit industry in China." Wei Shaojun said: “Though we have been development integrated circuit for decades, the overall standard is not high enough."

So, he reminded that we must have clear understanding of the development of semiconductor DRAM. "In the field of DRAM, we might as well think we will meet more difficulties so we can comprehend them and implement measures well. We need to prepare and think about more difficulties so that we can stay calm and make good solutions when difficulties come."

(Trainee reporter_Ke Guoli Reporter_Dong Yanjun Article and photo)