Ye Tianchun: China's Integrated Circuit Will Enter Golden Decade

www.ijjnews.com2016-07-17 16:30 July 17  Yesterday Forum, Ye Tianchun, President of Microelectronics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech Development Situation of China's Integrated Circuit Industry. He proposed insights and advices for innovation focus, continued investment, market-driven innovation and strengthened strait cooperation, and present the innovation situation of China's integrated circuit industry manufacturing chain.

 China's integrated circuit technologies on the fast lane

Ye Tianchun said, the most important product in industrial era is steel, while in information era is chip. Integrated circuit industry development has become a national key strategy. Within 30 years, if China does not make chip, the information era may lose an important foundation.

After 7 years' effort, state science and technology special program has improved integrated circuit industry. With the support of major special programs, China's integrated circuit technological power has strengthened; the gap between our systematic chip design capability and international advance standards has been shorted; manufacturing crafts improved, 40 nm craft was put into production, 20 nm is in trial production and 14 nm technological research and development achieved distinctive features and improved competitiveness; integrated circuit packaging is in bloom and technologies reached international leading level; key equipment and materials is at the hand; most product reached 28 nm and part of products reached 14 nm, used in foreign production line; cultivated a batch of key enterprises with innovation capability and international competitiveness.

"We will have over 40 kinds of equipment passed the examination and purchased by production clients in 2018 or 2019." Ye Tianchun introduced.

All in all, science and technology special programs play a determining role in integrated circuit design, manufacturing, equipment, materials and packaging industry chain as well as competitiveness improvement, providing comprehensive promotion for the overall industrial ecology. Industrial structure has made tremendous achievement, strengthened innovation and competitiveness and guided China's integrated circuit technology to enter the fast lane of independent development.

 Investment should continue

"Under the new circumstance, enterprises should pay attention to innovation. We used to be chasing but what we should think about now is to innovate. When people are catching up, we need to look at the future; leading enterprises should try new methods, and the behind ones should find out the ways. The worse is we make mistakes when there is technological obstacle. That is when we cannot evaluate the loss." Ye Tianchun stressed that we should strengthen fundamental research and cultivate originality immediately.

He reminds that integrated circuit is an industry of fast technological improvement and industrial development. An investment without continuity can destroy the integrated circuit. Only if we keep investing into technological research and development can we catch up with the international level. Do not think about relaxing when you invest an industrial fund of a trillion yuan. Our country has experienced mistakes in de development of integrated circuit because we did not continue investing, and let the development stuck time and time again, and it turned out a wider gap.

"The key of market innovation should be the market tendency In the process of transforming development method, adapting industrial structure and innovating drivers, China is the largest manufacturing industries' cluster in the world, so that we should capture the industrial opportunity to renew manufacturing industry and adapt structure. In the future, we should pursue innovation opportunity in terms of new energy mobiles, health and medical care, which might be a path to exceeding. What I want to point out is that we should make world-class innovation according to Chinese market's features." Ye Tianchun said.

Besides, He suggested that we improve the exchange and cooperation between mainland and Taiwan to pursue new market and drivers with mutual advantages.

(Reporter_ Zeng Xiaofeng Dong Yanjun Intern_ Wu Qiaoli Article and photo)